Wayne County Schools - Forms and Policies

Below are several common Forms and Policies for school use in PDF or XLS format.

FormAnnualized Compensation (24 Pay) Request
FormCoaching Payroll Form
FormCOVID Leave Form
FormDirect Deposit Authorization
FormEmployee Notice of Change (pdf)
FormField Trip Request Form
formFoster - Foster Care Enrollment Guidelines
formFoster - Foster Care Preparation Packet Checklist
formFoster - Procedures for Homeless and Foster Children
FormFundraiser Approval Form
FormFundraiser Profit-Loss Report (pdf)
FormInter-Intra County Student Transfer Request
FormOut of County Travel Authorization
FormPayroll Form - 21st Century (pdf)
FormPayroll Form - Excess Students (pdf)
FormPayroll Form - Overtime (pdf)
FormPayroll Form - Supplemental Pay (pdf)
FormPayroll-Paydate Calendar (pdf)
FormPD Attendance
FormPD Credit Form
FormProfessional Leave Request
FormSick Leave Form
FormStep 7 Purchase Requisition (xls)
FormTeacher Cash Receipts Summary (pdf)
FormTechnology Assignment Agreement
FormTravel and Expense Reimbursement
FormVacation and OSE Form
FormW9 for Contracted Services
FormWayne County Evaluation Form
FormWayne County Schools AUP/ISP Acceptance Form (For NEW AUP)
PolicyAcceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy (pdf) Effective June 4, 2012 (NEW)
PolicyAcceptable Use Educator (pdf) REPLACED June 4, 2012 (Do not Use)
PolicyAcceptable Use Elementary (pdf) REPLACED June 4, 2012 (Do not Use)
PolicyAcceptable Use Secondary (pdf) REPLACED June 4, 2012 (Do not Use)
PolicyExpected Behaviors in Safe Supportive Schools
PolicyIndividual School Accounting Procedures (pdf)
PolicyRecord Retention Schedule (pdf)
PolicyWest Virginia State Purchasing Manual (pdf)

Wayne County Board of Education Policies
West Virginia Department of Education State Board Policies