Wayne County Schools - SBA Plan


The Wayne County Board of Education has received approval for the following $42.2 million construction plan:
  • A new Ceredo-Kenova Elementary.
  • A new Crum PK-8.
  • Renovations to Wayne High School for additional classrooms, safer main entry and enclosed breezeways between buildings.
The total $42.2 million will be funded as follows:
  • $18 million from Wayne County residents through a bond election May 13, 2014.
  • $18 million from the School Building Authority.
  • $4.2 million from the Wayne County Schools Permanent Improvement Fund.
  • $2 million from Quality Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB) - Federally backed no-interest loans.


Ceredo-Kenova Elementary

The new Ceredo-Kenova Elementary would be built on the site of the former C-K High School. Kenova Elementary students would remain in the existing modular building during construction, at the community's request, with an anticipated opening of August 2017.

Projected cost: $ $20,399,984.00

Crum PK-8

The new Crum PK-8 will be built on the grounds of the existing school site, with the school building and the athletic fields trading locations. Anticipated opening date, August 2017.

Projected cost: $17,092,016.00

Wayne High School

Renovations to Wayne High School would include four new classrooms, a safer main entrance/office suite and enclosed breezeways. The existing office area will be renovated into two additional classrooms.

Projected cost: $4,708,000.00

Total Project Request: $42,200,000.00

The following links are provided to show Estimated Bond Tax Amounts based on the Class of Property.

Class II | Class II Homestead | Class III and IV

For questions or more information concerning this proposal please contact Todd Alexander, Superintendent of Wayne County Schools.